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I describe my works as Architectonic, being my response to the topologies and poetics of the body and the Earth, using in the main non-euclidian parametrics, creating a play on the surfaces inititially with colour, light and shadows, whilst at a deeper level there is an appeal to the numinous and a deep concern to discover ways to resolve various cultural dualisms within and through the matrices of matter.

I see it as my challenge to make works that function as sites of therapeutic contemplation with subliminal qualities, so as to ‘mirror’ a deep human sense of 'Place', this, at the level of essentially biological and existential consciousness.

In an imaginative sense, I wish to 're-member' the presence and frontality of the wall perhaps as early man did in her/his intimate relationship to the cave's lithic surfaces and the appropriation thereof as interfaces between man/woman and unity with the Earth. Or perhaps even as the imaginative maverick child made to stand facing the wall in class (as I was), so seeking to see in the wall's surface an opportunity for creative engagement.

Over many years I have evolved a set of self imposed parameters that are at the foundation of my output as a maker of dimentional art. These disciplined parameters allow me to produce works that range from the sensible, to metaphors of 'absolute' sensibility or to the hypersensible a concept for which I am thankful to Miguel de Beisteguy. By this I see as advancing from the topos of representation to the 'pure' materialist presentation, a non-mimetic production.

I see the deepest 'relationship' an artist can have to the Earth is essentially non-dual and co-creational. I came to this way of making over many years from the standpoint of having a background as a Zen monk and ordained priest, whose primary resource for this kind of work is the profound and immutable Buddhist cosmological view that everything is co-relational and that reality is ultimately structured by 'Emptiness'. This approach to making is a major factor in the carving/ making of the works to be seen here.

This is an ongoing 'Way' for me, I invite you to come along.